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"The sunlight gathers strength, the camel makes the dream!"

To provide clean, efficient, environment-friendly quality products, high-efficient and timely technical support and after-sales service guarantee

Mission & Vision

With economic development and social progress, while obtaining economic benefits, enterprises should also shoulder corresponding responsibilities to repay the society. dedicate clean energy, practice the road of green circulation and low-carbon development, realize the win-win development of economic and social benefits, and provide more and better energy-saving green photovoltaic products to millions of households. It is the mission and desire of the enterprise to benefit the people.

Talent Cultivation

The construction of talent team is the first important task for the healthy development of enterprises, the fundamental guarantee of the long-term development of the enterprise, and the first element of the overall market competitiveness of the enterprise.

The enterprise adheres to the "people-oriented" concept, rationally adjust the structure of talents, and pay attention to the introduction and cultivation of talents.

Through the internal training and learning, inviting external teachers to conduct vocational training, field observation and practical training, it allows talents improve themselves from learning, exercise skills from practice, and find deficiencies in evaluation, and helps employees improve their quality, increase their knowledge, stimulate their potential and creativity, improve their performance and confidence, and cultivate their loyalty to the company.

We should focus on introducing the technical leaders who have made great contributions to the business and development of the enterprises, and dare to appoint young talents as reserve force for middle level management.

Treat the talents kindly, respect their labor and creation results and do a good job of humanistic care to relieve all kinds of pressure in the process of work in time, retain people with affection, retain people with a career and retain people with treatment, to create a happy and harmonious working environment for the development of talents.​